What can I do if I disagree with the assessed value or taxable value placed on my property?

Delhi Charter Township has a reappraisal program in place and we periodically visit every property to update our records. We do this to make sure that our record cards are as reliable as possible and so we can calculate the most accurate assessment possible for you. We encourage you to check to make sure your property information is correct. If you do not have internet access, you can stop by our office.

If there is a difference between what you are telling us and what we have on our record cards, we will be happy to correct your information after our office has verified the item(s) in question. This may include having an Appraiser stop by your property to re-measure or to verify the item(s) in question.

Each year, usually during the last week of February, our office will mail to the owner of record a Notice of Assessment. Unfortunately, this form looks intimidating; however, please read it very closely. This is a very important form and it is our notice to each property owner of record. This form is sent to property owners that have had a change in their assessed value or taxable value for that year.

How to Read Your Assessment Notice

In general, the Notice of Assessment explains Proposal A of 1994. It also informs the property owner of the current assessed and taxable values and compares these numbers to the prior assessed and taxable values. In addition, this form states the percent of principal residence exemption the property is receiving, the estimate of property tax increase/decrease for the upcoming year, and notes if there was a transfer of ownership.

Please make sure that if you are claiming a Principal Residence Exemption that it is noted on this form. If our records say 0% then you are not receiving your credit. 

Who qualifies for a Principal Residence Exemption?

After checking your records and you disagree with the assessment, you should come in and talk with our office about the valuation of your property. If you are still not satisfied with the valuation and wish to proceed with filing an appeal, you will need to schedule an appointment to appear before the March Board of Review. Please call the Assessing Department at (517) 694-1502 to schedule an appointment.

The March Board of Review has jurisdiction on valuation appeals for the current year only. You may not (by state law) dispute prior year valuation at the March Board of Review. Once the March Board of Review closes its public meeting, the assessment roll is closed and certified. No further changes can be made except those allowed by state law (i.e. clerical error, mutual mistake of fact, or Principal Residence Exemption/Homestead corrections, Michigan Tax Tribunal or State Tax Commission judgments).

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