2023 Sidewalk Maintenance Program

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How is the Program Going to Work this Year?

Maintaining sidewalks in the community is part of making Delhi Township a great place to live, work and raise a family.  The 2023 sidewalk repair program is now open and accepting sidewalk nominations.  For 2023, we are again offering a voluntary “opt-in” program.  The Township will cover 50% of sidewalk repair costs and the responsible property owner will pay the other 50%. If you would like to participate in the opt-in program, please fill out the nomination form and return it by June 15, 2023. Instructions on how to do this are below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at DelhiSidewalkProgram@delhitownshipmi.gov or (517) 699-3866.

What is the Sidewalk Maintenance Program?

In Delhi Township, sidewalk maintenance is the adjacent property owner’s responsibility, including repairs and replacement as necessary. Again for 2023, the Township has adjusted its program to an “opt-in program”, rather than an enforcement-based approach. Funds for eligible projects will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

What will it Cost?

The Township has received prices from a qualified contractor for leveling and replacement of sidewalk, which are detailed in the chart to the right.  

If interested, please fill out and submit the sidewalk nomination form. We will have the Township’s engineering consultant inspect your sidewalk to determine eligibility and identify sections of sidewalk that require repair. We will then provide you with cost information for the repairs. At that time, property owners will be required to return the program opt-in paperwork that will be included with cost information. Whenever possible, communications will be done via email. Timelines for the projects are tight, so please make sure to provide a valid email address that you check regularly.  


Who is eligible?


Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Complete and submit the attached nomination form:
  2. BEST METHOD: Fill it out and submit it online here, or
  3. Once we receive your form, we will have the engineer inspect your sidewalk to determine eligibility. 
  4. You will receive an email determination of whether your sidewalk is eligible for the program. If the sidewalk is eligible, we will provide the cost to repair the sidewalk and the opt-in paperwork. 
  5. Property owner must return the opt-in form by June 15, 2023.
  6. The Township’s contractor will complete the work this summer, and whenever possible will work with homeowners to minimize disruption and inconvenience. We will be unable to schedule work on a specific date or time but will notify you a couple days before work starts.   


Common Questions:

Q: Can I decide not to move forward with the repairs?

A: Yes. However, please be aware Ordinance No. 91 requires owners to maintain sidewalks that are adjacent to their property. By participating in the program, you will avoid having to pay the full cost later. 


Q: Why would I want to opt-in to have my sidewalks repaired or replaced?

A: Maintenance of sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner. The Sidewalk Ordinance requires property owners maintain their sidewalks and pay 100% of the costs associated with it. However, by participating in the program, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 50% of costs paid by the Township
  • Township will coordinate all work and get the sidewalk fixed on your behalf.  
  • Contract pricing is most likely less than you would receive on your own.


Q: Is the program different this year than it has been in the past? 

A: Yes. In the past, the Township has conducted inspections of sidewalks in the community. Any sidewalks in the inspection area identified as deficient were offered participation in the repair program, but actual repair of the sidewalk was not optional.  Over the span of several years, all areas of the Township would be inspected, and sidewalks repaired. However, the Township is hoping that by allowing property owners to opt-in to the program this year, those who know their sidewalk may need repair will voluntarily participate. This shifts the program from being enforcement-based to working with residents to improve local sidewalks. 


Q: If I decide not to move forward with repairs, will the Township make me do it this year as part of an enforcement case anyway?

A: No. See Q & A above. 


Q: I know of a sidewalk somewhere else in the Township that is in bad shape. Can I suggest it for the opt-in program?

A: No. For this program, you may only opt-in for sidewalks you own.  


Q: What types of sidewalk problems are eligible for this program?

A: If your sidewalk has sunk or is raised or cracked, or has spalling or scaling, it may be eligible. If you submit the attached opt-in form, we will look and let you know for sure!


2023 Timeline & Important Dates to Remember

Now until June 15, 2023

Nomination & Opt-in period


  1. Submit Nomination Form
  2. Receive cost estimate
  3. Return Opt-in Form


July 1, 2023 – August 31, 2023


Construction Work Occurs


September 12, 2023

Invoices mailed to property owners


October 13, 2023

Payment due date