2022 Millage Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Delhi Township millage renewals  

What will be on the Nov. 8, 2022, ballot?

Voters in Delhi Township are being asked to renew two existing millages that have been very successful for our community. One renewal will continue to fund top-quality emergency services for our community by upgrading fire and emergency medical equipment that protects lives and property. The other renewal supports local parks and trails to allow these resources to continue providing healthy recreational opportunities for seniors, families and kids.


Why is the Fire and Emergency Medical Equipment and Vehicles Millage Renewal necessary?

Renewing this millage will allow the township to upgrade and update its emergency medical and ambulance equipment, including emergency vehicles. The township has seen significant growth in recent years and this millage renewal would allow our firefighters and emergency responders to maintain quick response times of just a handful of minutes during emergencies. 


Why is it important to renew the parks and trails millage originally approved by voters in 2018?

Renewing the parks millage will keep our public spaces, parks, trails, recreation center and natural areas in good repair and allow us to make new improvements that encourage safer neighborhoods and increase property values by providing low-cost recreational opportunities for seniors, families and kids to enjoy.

Will these renewals increase my taxes?

No. These two measures are renewals of existing millages originally approved in 2018 and passing these renewals will not affect the current tax rate. 


What will this cost the average homeowner?

Renewing these two proposals will cost about $111.60 per year for homeowners whose homes are worth $150,000 that have a taxable value of $75,000. This is less than $10 per month to keep our community safe and well protected in an emergency and to invest in our local parks and trails. 


Does Delhi Township have a record of fiscal responsibility and transparency so that we can expect officials will spend taxpayer resources wisely?  

Delhi Township has an impeccable track record of fiscal responsibility and transparency. The township just received its 36th consecutive clean audit with no negative findings. It also has received an AA bond rating, an independent demonstration of the municipality's sound financial practices. In addition, 100% of funding for these existing millages has been closely tracked and is available in the performance dashboard tab on the township website at delhitownshipmi.gov.


How can taxpayers review the way Delhi Township spends revenue? 

Accountability and transparency are core values at Delhi Township. We take enormous pride in serving as a wise steward of taxpayer resources. We make regular financial updates and post details including budgets, audits and other key financial data on our website at delhitownshipmi.gov. There also is a Power Point Presentation on the millage renewals available on the township website in the Our Community tab.  


Does the millage support the Corey Senior Center?

Yes! Among other things, the parks millage supports the popular Corey Senior Center and renewing it would enhance the center’s services and programming by allowing it to add activities and fellowship opportunities that bring together the township’s growing community of those who are 55 and older.  


What types of emergency response and fire equipment does the millage support or fund?

The township’s Fire Department protects 30,000 people living in an area of 64 square miles. Since this millage was first approved in 2018, the township has used the millage funding to invest in emergency response equipment for the Fire Department, including dual purpose engine-tanker, heart monitors, power cots for ambulances and loaders as well as the training needed to use this innovative equipment safely.


What kinds of new equipment or innovation has been purchased since the millage was first approved in 2018?

The Fire Department purchased a Sea Wolf rescue boat to upgrade its water rescue capability in the Grand River and Cedar Lake. Officials have added power loaders to ambulances, which remove the need for paramedics to lift the cot into an ambulance, preventing back injuries that occur due to lifting cots in an awkward manner.


What types of emergency equipment is still needed by the Fire Department and emergency responders that would be funded by the millage renewal? 

The township has identified a number of equipment improvements and replacement items needed in the coming years to ensure consistent quick response to emergency situations. Those include the re-chassis of the current ambulance as well as replacement of scuba equipment for water rescues. 


Where can I learn more about these millage renewals?

We have developed a Power Point presentation with details about the millage renewals online at delhitownshipmi.gov. In addition, please email info@delhitownship.gov to answer any further questions. 


The township has a lot of parks and trails, do they all benefit from the millage renewal?

They do! Delhi Township has eight parks that cover nearly 100 acres, including a beachfront swimming area and four pavilions. The township’s extensive trail system is getting even better with construction of the new Hayhoe Trail now underway. The much-anticipated project will connect the township’s trails to those in the city of Mason. The township also offers numerous recreational activities and sports programs for all ages. The Parks and Recreation Department also oversees important programming, events and learning opportunities for senior citizens.