Delhi Sheep

sheep and llamas laying in a fenced in grass field

Did you know that the Publicly Owned Treatment Works has a flock of around 30 sheep? These sheep help maintain the grounds around the wastewater treatment plant and reduce the need for mowing. This flock is guarded by a llama named Firebird.

In addition to their grounds-keeping duties, the Delhi Township sheep produce a lot of wool. The sheep are sheared and the wool is sent to Frankenmuth to be made into various products such as hats, socks, and gloves. These products are available for purchase from the Public Services Maintenance Department at 1492 Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI.

For more information, please call (517) 699-3874.

Get your own Delhi Sheep socks, hats, gloves, and yarn

Stay warm this winter with Delhi sheep wool!

a variety of wool socks, hats, and yarn in a basket

The styles and costs are:

Roving: $1.25/ounce

Dyed Roving: $1.50/ounce

Pin Draft Roving: $2.25/ounce

Yarn: $15.00/skein

Beanie Hat: $12.00, Ram Beanie Hat $17.00

Peruvian Hat: $15.00, Ram Peruvian Hat $20.00

Fingerless Gloves: $13.00, with cap $15.00

Crew Socks: $12.00

Thick Hunter Socks:  $24.00