The 2010 U.S. Census population for Delhi Township was 25,877 persons. This represents a net gain of 15% in population during the previous decade. This growth, as shown in Table 1, represents a faster growth rate than Tri-County Region as a whole. Ingham County experienced a population reduction from 2000 to 2010. A more significant gain occurred in Delhi Township between 1970 and 1980, which was a 24.3% increase over the Township's 1970 population of 13,795 persons. This growth pattern demonstrates that Delhi continues to be a strong growth area within the Tri-County Region.

State & Regional Population Trends - 2000 to 2010

2000 Population
2010 Population
Percent Change
Delhi Township22,56925,87715%
Ingham County287,353280,895(2%)
Tri-County Region447,728464,0364%
State of Michigan9,295,2979,883,6406%

Delhi Township is the fourth largest local jurisdiction in population size within Ingham County, following the cities of Lansing and East Lansing and Meridian Township, and the fifth largest in the Tri-County Region. Table 2 shows the population change in several of the larger local units of government in the Region and the net growth rate for each.

Percentage Population Gain or Loss 2000 to 2010 (Selected Areas in Region)

Percent Change
Net Change
Bath Township54%4,057
Bellevue Township0.002%6
City of Charlotte8%685
Delhi Township15%3,308
Delta Township9%2,726
City of DeWitt16%2,310
DeWitt Township18%2,178
City of East Lansing4%2,054
City of Grand Ledge-0.003%(27)
City of Lansing-4%(4,831)
City of Mason10%,639
Meridian Township1%572
  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Employment
  4. Households
  5. Race

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the age of persons in the community shows that 25.5% of Delhi's population is under age eighteen. By comparison, 21% of Ingham County residents were under eighteen and the tri-county regional average was 22.3%.

In 1990, the Township had 8.1% of the population over 65 years and by 2010 this percentage had grown to 11.4%. This trend has been typical for the Township for the past thirty years. The older portion of the population has been growing at a faster rate. Delhi is typical of the statewide trend since 1970 where the number of persons over 65 years of age and their percentage of the total population has increased. Table 3 shows the percentage of population for various age brackets and Male/Female ratio.

Age & Sex 2010

Percent of Total Population

Under 18 Years18 to 24 Years25 to 44 Years45 to 64 Years65 Years and Over

Median Age (Years) - 35.9

Gender Distribution Percentage