Rental Registration

Delhi Charter Township Ordinance Number 102.7 (PDF), requires all residential dwelling units that are rented or leased be registered (PDF) with the township. The purpose of the registration is to ensure adequate maintenance of rental dwellings by setting up a schedule to conduct health and safety inspections of rental dwellings every two years.

Rental Property Fee Schedule

The Rental Property Fee Schedule is as follows:

Rental Property Registration Fees

Registration Fee$110 per parcel
Plus Unit Fee$33 per unit

i.e. Single Family House = $143 - Duplex = $176, etc.

Rental Property Registration Fees

1st Re-Inspection Fee$11 per unit
2nd Re-Inspection Fee$110 per unit
3rd Re-Inspection Fee$220 per unit
4th Re-Inspection Fee$550 per unit
Unregistered Rental Investigation Fee$250 per unit
Tax Lien Processing Fee$110 per parcel
Administrative Service Fee$55 per parcel
Origination Registration Fee*$550 per parcel

 *Due if property has not previously been a registered rental.

The Registration is good for a period of two years, during which time the Township will conduct inspections. Failure to register is a municipal civil infraction punishable by a fine, costs and additional civil penalties.