Business Assistance

Location Information

The Department of Community Development is able to provide maps and other information regarding a specific property that your company may be interested in. This can include parcel information, aerial photography, infrastructure locations, floodplain, drainage, GIS data, etc. This assistance is available at no cost.

Tax Abatement Application Assistance

Plant Rehabilitation and Industrial Development Districts - PA 198 of 1974 - Property Tax Abatement. PA 198 allows for the abatement of taxes on investments made by manufacturing and high-technology businesses. The incentive is available for improvements to buildings and structures (real property), as well as the purchase of machinery and equipment (personal property). The abatement is for a period up to 12 years, plus up to 2 years construction.

Once a company issued an Industrial Facility Tax Certificate for a new project, the company pays an abated Industrial Facilities Tax (IFT) on the new qualified investment. This is approximately 50% of the standard millage rate.

Assistance Available

The Department of Community Development will assist companies that are eligible for tax abatement under PA 198 of 1974 with the application process and will facilitate review and approval by the Township. Once approved at the local level, the Community Development Department will package the abatement and submit it to the State of Michigan for final approval on behalf of the company.