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Updating Property Records  

The Delhi Township Assessing Department will be continuing the process of updating individual property record cards on all homes within the Township in the Spring and Summer 2021. It is important to periodically review all properties within a neighborhood at the same time to help ensure that all our properties are fairly assessed. Additionally, the State Tax Commission recommends inspections of 20% of all properties each calendar year and audits that guidance.

To accomplish this project, given the current COVID-19 situation, appraisers will be conducting a desktop inspection, rather than in-person. This will be done for your safety, and the safety of our staff. These inspections will be completed utilizing all available information sources, including but not limited to the Township’s Geographic Information System (GIS), drive-by inspection, information available online, property websites, and real estate listings.

Our records are most accurate when property owners assist us in verifying information.  If you would like to assist us in updating/verifying your property information, please click on this link to open an electronic form which will be emailed directly to the Assessing Department.

 In addition, Data Verification Questionnaires will be mailed to some areas of the Township which are due for reinspection. The areas of the Township which will receive the questionnaires in the first phase are: Springfield & College Heights subdivisions, Grovenburg farms, and parcels along the following roads: Dell Road, Willoughby Road (including condos), Holt Road, McCue Road, Harper Road, Nichols Road, Gilbert Road, Gunn Road, and Onondaga Road. 

Your assistance in completing the questionnaire and returning it to our office is appreciated. The neighborhoods that will receive the Questionnaires in 2021 will be posted when determined. Property Owners are encouraged to complete the questionnaires as well as review their property information available online. Questionnaires and inquiries can be submitted via mail, email at, or faxed to 517-694-3316.

Online Property & Tax Information

View the property and tax information website. There you can look up information regarding sewer accounts, property taxes, special assessments, building information and even look at photos of houses and buildings. It’s available free of charge, 24 hours a day.